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Leslie Tills


Leslie was tilling her garden and heard a thunk.  She had hit a rectangle of rotting wood.   Pulling it up she gasped at a gas mask staring back at her.  Grabbing her trowel she started to unearth the mask.  Slowly the top half of a skeleton unveiled.

The bones gleamed white.   The top half wore: a red bowler hat with remaining brown curls of hair, a gray suit jacket with a red silk pocket handkerchief, a yellow and white shirt in small plaid, a black tie, and jet cuff links.  The skeleton was eccentric, well-mannered and familiar to her.

She sat back on her heels.  It occurred to her that his outfit was not in time with the gas mask.   It was as if he had been plucked out of time, bleached shiny, starched, gas mask stuck on his face, and plopped in her garden.  Who he was and why her garden specifically she wondered.

She continued until she had uncovered all of him.  He had no shoes.  Leslie thought it was bad taste to bury him with no shoes.   She didn’t understand how he was supposed to walk to the pearly gates without hurting his soles.  In that situation she would appear in front of St. Peter flustered.   Not a good start to being dead.

While mulling over the shoes she riffled through his pockets.   There was a yellow plastic comb, a ten dollar note, a map of the London underground, a small box of moldy raisins, a brown porcelain hare, a leather wallet, and a note.  The note read in cursive: “bubble bath not the lavender kind she hates the lavender kind or is it that she hates the rose kind?”

Leslie felt lavender the better bubble bath choice.  She opened his wallet.  There was a selection of credit cards, a gym membership, his driver’s license, and his business card.  She took the business card and read:


“Gregory H. Gray

Nice to Meet You Leslie
Call me maybe? ”

I wrote this piece for Trifecta: Week Ninety-Four Challenge:  Check it out here:

27 thoughts on “Leslie Tills

  1. Whoa!
    That was cool! I want to read more.

  2. Yikes, that was creepy and unexpected! For some reason I found it amusing that the body had decomposed to a skeleton but the raisins were just moldy 🙂

  3. she felt lavender the better bubble bath choice – hahaha love it.
    I really liked this (the gardener in me?) sweet tale.

  4. Polymath for sure!
    Wondering how he got there.

  5. It’s funny and creepy at the same time. She’s so nonchalant about it. What does it all mean? You have captured my attention. Not only with the business card, but what is the significance of the brown porcelain hare? Intriguing. I like it..

  6. I liked it… had something of a Bradbury vibe. Personally I’m fascinated by the fact that she simply keeps digging it up like she found an old dog toy. 🙂

    My one edit: “Slowly the top half of a skeleton unveiled” should probably be “Slowly the top half of a skeleton *was* unveiled.” or “Slowly the top half of a skeleton *appeared*.”

    • Thanks so much for stopping by my blog David! I appreciate the editing advice. So hard to get a piece just prefect in such a short amount of time, but that is also what makes challenges so fun for me.

  7. I think it wud be unwise to call or date a man who wears no shoes or keeps a yellow comb in his pocket…. love the details.

  8. The part where she finds bones came as a real shock. Nicely done!

  9. This is an interesting piece. Great work.

  10. Love all the twists and turns. Please continue..

  11. Ha!ha!No shoes-wonder what happened there?Loved the way he was otherwise “dressed”-and that business card-very fishy and oh so creepy:-)

  12. This is great! It’s so quirky – somehow you made finding a skeleton in the garden not particularly creepy. Maybe it was the red bowler hat. I love how she enumerates each item she finds.

  13. Interesting take on the prompt. Thanks for linking up!

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