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Stories and Musings from a girl named Harvey

Lines #1


I keep a small notebook with me at all times so that when I hit inspiration I can remember it.  This page contains snippets of conversations and ideas.  Feel free to use anything from this list as inspiration for your own work!  If you do please include a link back to this post and share here what you created.  I would love to see what great stuff comes from sharing ideas.

Lines #1

– I got a text from a number I don’t know and I asked who it was and they said “catwoman” and I thought it was you.
– Cupcake Mafia
– Good morning song

– Bone church, cleaning skulls
– Ravens with red eyes
– At 17 the hour doesn’t feel so bad
– Everything would be better if it were chocolate
– Dog named Tequila
– Tangelos, super sticky
– Two pack of bacon day
– Microwave rubber chicken
– If you have ink we have a printer
– Pink elephants

2 thoughts on “Lines #1

  1. It’s so helpful to do this. I’ve been carrying a small notepad with me for the last few weeks. It’s great for capturing ideas that would otherwise get away. And some of the things people say… it’s pure gold!

    • Sometimes I feel like a cheating writer as normally I write up stories based on conversations I eavesdropped!! Seriously way better than what rattles around in my brain some days. Feel free to use any of these ideas:)

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