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Leslie’s Morning Part 2 – A Very Nice Dog


The next part of Leslie’s morning was written for the Trifecta: Week 107 challenge.  This weeks word is melt third definition: to make tender or gentle.  To read the beginning of Leslie’s morning or more of her adventures in general  you  can find them here:

A Very Nice Dog

Agates chimed as Leslie cautiously entered the small café.

“Mabel?” she called, approaching the pastry display case.

“Leslie, how ever are you?”  Mabel bustled towards her.

“Did you get a dog?” Leslie asked.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“The sign said you have a very nice dog, what happened to Claudius?”

“Claudius is right over there, like always” Mable’s brow creased as she wiped her hands on a dishtowel.

Leslie glanced towards the fireplace catching the languid gaze of a Saint Bernard sprawled on the floor.

“I meant Claudius the cat” Leslie clarified.

“I’ve never had a cat, are you all right?”

“Yes thanks Mabel, I’ll just have the usual”

“All righty then, I’ll be out with it in a minute.” Mabel said, turning towards the kitchen

Leslie went over to Claudius.  “What did you do with the real Claudius?”

Claudius lifted his head and gave Leslie the mournful stare that melted hearts and won him bacon.

“I’m not falling for it” Leslie retorted as she sat at her usual table.  The tablecloth was covered in delicate blue roses as was the china, instead of the usual white dishes and yellow cloth.

“The dog is my doing” Gray said from the opposite side of the table, where he hadn’t been before.

“Why?” asked Leslie.

“I am not fond of cats, and they are not fond of me.” Gray sighed, crossing his arms.

“A man that does not like cats will not find love. “ Leslie stated, as she started pouring the tea.

Gray titled his head and stared at her over the edge of his cup.  “Well that explains quite a lot actually. “ he said quietly.

7 thoughts on “Leslie’s Morning Part 2 – A Very Nice Dog

  1. How very fascinating but am glad I am not Leslie-I would feel very disturbed at this kind of (mis)adventure,lol!I went and read a few of Leslie’s adventures to get an idea of what was going on-very cute:-)

  2. Intriguing! I’m going to have to go back and read some more of Leslie’s story. As a standalone piece, I liked the way you gradually make the reader suspicious that something funny is going on here. I particularly liked the exchange between Gray and Leslie.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this as a standalone piece. I love writing that just leads us to the start of a path and doesn’t hold our hands all the way down it. Lovely writing. Thank you for linking it.

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