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I want my cake and I want to eat it too: Musings on my Theme


Zero to Hero Day 5 – I want my cake and I want to eat it too: Musings on my Theme

The theme challenge today for Zero to Hero took me back to being thoroughly stumped.  When I started my blog last year I literally spent days changing my theme over and over again trying to find one that would be just right.  My main issue was that I wanted a whole lot of customization without spending the money to upgrade.  Then, and now,  I am unsure how long this blogging thing will last.  So I am not willing to pay for stuff yet.  However I don’t want my blog to look like anyone else’s blog either!

The Yoko theme came to my rescue as it allows me the option of having a custom header, a custom background, and changing the header colors!  I designed both the background image and header image on my blog and then matched the header color to them.  (The photo in the header is actually a pile of my favorite books!)  I have found a limited number of free themes that allow both custom headers and backgrounds.  Of them Yoko’s positioning and font choices suited me best.

However Yoko has its drawbacks for me.  The menu at the top is too small for my liking.  Only a few of the sidebar items are visible without scrolling.  Which leaves me trying to figure out which follow button is the most important follow button!  I also think the header image is a bit big and that the font could be more interesting.

So while today’s challenge was hard for me to shallow (having put so much effort into the custom header and custom background idea) I was open to seeing what some other themes could offer me.

New Theme Attempt 1 – Fanwood

fanwood   This theme attracted me becasue of the bold color choices.  It’s not something I would normally go for.   However I felt the boldness distracted from my content.  I also don’t like that the posts and sidebar have less space than my original Yoko theme.   Last point of contention: all the cool colors involved money!  This is not a winner for me.



New Theme Attempt 2 – Bushwick

bushwick I loved the idea of this theme when I first saw it.  The open feel and the fact that the sidebar is hidden are both appealing.  In practice however this does not work for me.  There are very few color options (unless you pay for them) and mauve for the header is not my deal.   I also felt the title of my blog was not obvious.  While I can customize the header image, the one I use for my blog doesn’t work in the vertical format.  Bushwick is a miss.



New Theme Attempt 3 – Flounder

flounder I have to say that I was well floundered by flounder!  I love the blue and teal color combo.  I love the large easy to access menu on the left.  I love that my posts get oh so much room right there in the middle.  And joy of joys, most of the things on my sidebar are visible without scrolling!  But wait, can I really be ok with using the exact same thing in every way that someone else might be using?  Don’t think so.



So yes I did the boring thing and went running right  back to Yoko hoping shed forgive me for my theme affairs.  Oh Yoko how I love your customization options!  But oh how I was you had a layout like Flounder and that hidden sidebar like Bushwick.  Sigh.  Maybe in the far future when I gave up my coins for colors I will go back to you Flounder, but until then Yoko is still my theme of choice.

I would love to hear my wonderful readers opinions on what look you think suits my blog best and your personal theme thoughts!  I could still be swayed  . . .


6 thoughts on “I want my cake and I want to eat it too: Musings on my Theme

  1. I think your theme fits you!

  2. I fell in love with Bushwick [a little] when it was released, but that was until I saw that the image only was visible on the frontpage.

  3. Hi again! I like the exact same themes like you do 🙂 And, just like you did, I gave’em a try, found them awesome looking but then just not working for me…. Actually, your comment on my ‘poll’ encouraged me to work on the theme I’ve picked instead of changing it all over again, so: Thank you very much for your support!

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