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ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award


ABC Award

I am totally thrilled to be nominated for the ABC Award by Capture You Photography.  I just connected with Sonya recently and love her work.  Ya’ll should check her out!

The rules of being nominated as I understand them are to include the award image in this post (check!), a link to my nominator in this post (check!), make an A to Z list that describes me (hard!), and then nominate 2 to 10 fellow bloggers.

These are my nominees.  (Nominees to accept this nomination you have to write your own ABC Award post following the rules I mentioned.)

My Nominations

1. Almost Exactly.  AlexRaye changed the way I approach skin and haircare for the better!  I now am totally no-poo and super appreciate her well researched advice.

2. Charlotte Hoather.  Charlotte’s blog is fun, inspiring, and she has a superb voice.  I love hearing updates on  her singing career and Charlotte I wish you every dream come true and then some!

3. JannaTWrites.  If you haven’t delved into Darlene’s Story you are missing out.  It is suspenseful, intriguing, and well written.  Not only that Jannat has been nothing but kind and supportive to me on my blog.

4. Shawn Saying Something.  Shawn was the very first follower I ever had and also the first stranger to say something kind about my writing.  And he’s a great flash fiction author to boot!

Here is me in A to Z:

A – Animal lover.  I have two dogs and a cat.

B – Brandon.  My husband.

C – Creator.  I am a painter, knitter, photographer, writer and avid cook.

D – Denver. Where I live and my favorite place in the USA.

E – Entertainer.  I throw all the best parties.

F – Fabulous.  My modus operandi.  Stilettos, lots of makeup, glitter those are all totally me.

G – Go getter and goal setter.  Ok so I’m not the best at setting goals, but by golly gee-wheez when I do I go after them like nobody’s business.

H – Harvey.  My middle name and nickname.

I – Ice because I figure skate and watch a lot of hockey.

J – Joking.  I have a dry sarcastic sense of humor.  I love to laugh, some people think I’m funny, but a lot of the time I have to let them know it was a joke.

K – Kind.

L – Love and loving.  My favorite word and my favorite thing to do.

M – Mindful.  I strive to think carefully about all my words and actions.   I strive to be present in my life and with the people I am talking too.

N – Nirvana.  My all time favorite band.  And for added info “Heart-Shaped Box” is my favorite Nirvana song.

O – Organized.  Ok so I’m only organized about certain things, but the things I am organized about I totally take it overboard.

P – Pisces.  Pretty much every Pisces definition I have read is totally me.

Q – Quirky.

R – Reader.  I am an avid book lover.  Nothing gets me more excited than the smell of a new book, well except maybe the smell of desert.

S –  Smart and Scrabble.  I freaking love Scrabble.  Maybe because I’m smart?

T – Teacher.  Not for my profession, but by my nature.  I am the person everyone comes to for advice.

U – Unique.

V – Volatile.  I am very emotional, get mad easily, and change my mind a lot.

W – Worrywart.  I’m getting better, but I really do manage to worry way to much about way too many things.

X – eXtrovert.  Ok that was cheating, but x!  I am outgoing and love to chat.

Y – Yoga.  I recently incorporated yoga into my life and am now an addict.

Z – Zany.


5 thoughts on “ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award

  1. Here’s more good news. I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 Follow the link for instructions.

  2. You are so nice – thank you! I appreciate the nomination and your praise of Darlene’s Story. (Right now, I’m working on expanding that story into a novel.)

    I didn’t know you lived in Denver. I lived there many years ago (my dad worked maintenance at the 7 Up bottling plant for a while… I’m not sure if that’s still there, though.) Colorado is beautiful! I can relate to being a worrywart – even in elementary school, my parents warned me that I’d get an ulcer (and I didn’t even know what that was 🙂 ) I wish I could be the extroverted entertainer, but I’m coming to terms with the fact I’m better suited to observe.

    • Well count me first in line to read to the novel!! I am not sure if the 7 UP plant is still there. Could be it is, just not the bit of Denver I live in. I actually am an introvert who taught herself to be an extrovert as I really love a good party:) It’s totally possible to do!

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