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The Garage – A Mystery Part 2

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In Part 1 we learned that the Blake’s don’t park in their garage and Peter expounded his bear theory.  And now we continue with Tom . . .

The Garage – A Mystery Part 2

“I think it’s a ghost” Tom said.

“Why?” said Peter quickly.

“Well I was here back then too you know Peter.  We being the first family’s to move in here.  Then came Barbara and Ellen, quite the scandal back then. They were the first and last Lesbian bear hunters on the block.” 

“I spent a lot of time with them, nice gals they were.  Very well educated, liked cigars, their hobby was genealogical research.” Tom accepted a new drink from Sara and then continued.

“They decided to research their house.  They found out that in the 1800’s there was a Baptist church on their plot run by one O’Clearly. Now O’Clearly decided to dig a pool for Baptisms where the driveway is now.  One day a girl named Mary drowned during her Baptism. Local rumor had it that O’Clearly killed her.” Tom paused at the sound of gasps.

“Barbara and Ellen thought that Mary was haunting them.  That plot being her burial ground and all. Maybe they managed to bind Mary to the garage and therefore no one can use it” Tom finished.

Sara had been sipping her martini slowly with her arms crossed during Tom’s explanation, now she titled her head and said “I don’t think that’s it at all Tom.”

“Why not?  It’s a perfectly good theory?” Tom’s voice raised.

“Well because I work at the history museum and Mary was never murdered.  O’Clearly had gotten her pregnant.  Instead of telling her family they decided to fake her death and run away together.  Far as anyone knows they ended up in Wisconsin both alive.”

“Oh” Tom said flatly.

“Well there has to be a logical explanation to why the Blake’s don’t use their garage.  And surely one that doesn’t involve bears or ghosts.” stated Robert looking around the group.

“Well I can’t think of a logical one.” Peter said.

“Neither can I” said Tom.

“Neither can I” added Joel “I did ask them some probing questions once.  I determined that it’s not fear of parking, they don’t store anything in the garage, they don’t rent it out to anyone, they don’t use it as a workout space, and they don’t use it as a woodshop. What other logical explanation can there be?”

“I think we need to stop talking about logical explanations and start examining the improbable explanations.  You know what they always say, once you eliminate all the logical answers whatever is left is the answer.” Tom winked as he said this.

“They say that?” asked Robert sitting down on the camel sofa.

“Yes they do, isn’t that from NCIS or CSI or something?” Peter asked.

“I think it’s from Sherlock Holmes” Rachael said. “I’m a librarian” she added.

“Oh, never heard of him.” Peter finished his martini and went over to the bar to pour a scotch.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 3!  Until then what’s your improbable explanation of the mystery?

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