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Quotespiration Challenge – Valentine’s Special!


“In you is the illusion of each day.
You arrive like the dew to the cupped flowers.
You undermine the horizon with your absence.
Eternally in flight like the wave. “

– Verse 2 from “Your Breast is Enough” by Pablo Neruda





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Quotespiration Challenge Week 1 Update

Quotespiration Challenge Week 1 is coming to an end!  Don’t forget to add your entry here by Sunday the 2nd!

Also take some time to check out the amazingly talented Jannat who happens to also be the first ever Quotespiration participant!  Click here to read her entry “Beyond the Horizon”.



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Zero to Hero Day 29

Ok so I have to admit I have not been the best Zero to Hero participant over the last few weeks, but I did already do today’s challenge before it was announced.  So I think that more than makes up for it!

Announcing my new regular feature The Quotespiration Challenge!  Every week I will be posting a quote for you to base a story on.  Check it out here: .

What are my fellow Zero to Hero’ers doing for your regular feature?



Newsflash! A to Z Challenge

I just signed up for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!  I am a bit concerned about finding time for a daily post, but the idea is making my synapses light up and the community seems engaged and interesting.  Also I am a sucker for a blog challenge!

I am thinking I will do a month of poems as I haven’t tried that form recently.

Would love to know if any of my readers are participants!  If you are  how are you planning on approaching this challenge?

For more information check it out here:

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I Need Your Opinion!

I Need Your Opinion on My Attempts to Pretty up My Blog

The Challenge . . .

Today’s Zero to Hero Challenge:Activate a Social Network really got me thinking about making my blog more appealing to new readers.  Being a writer, and a writer of long form stories, I have continually struggled with how to make my blog posts visually appealing.  I feel visuals are  important as viewers decide in a glance if they will commit their time to a blog post.    I also feel that lack of visual interest coupled with lengthy paragraphs has stunted my blog growth.

Meeting the Challenge . . .

Zero to Hero has been helping me with addressing this challenge. I have decided to add a music video link to each story that relates to the title.   My titles from now on are going to be witty plays on the chosen video.  I  have been keeping the paragraphs and my stories shorter so they look less overwhelming and time-consuming at first glance. I am also working on including more links in my posts and playing with formatting to break up lengthy text.

My Newest Idea . . .

Today I came up with the idea of adding a pull quote for each story.  I went through all my stories and added an image with a quote from each at the very top of the post. Idea one is that this pretty quote will be the first thing my viewers see in their reader, so hopefully it will draw them into the story.  Idea two is that I can add the images to my Anecdote Love Pinterest board in an attempt to build readership thru Pinterest  (a la today’s Zero to Hero assignment!).   Here’s an example and you can check the rest out in Fictional Musings.


I Need Your Opinion!

I would totally love to hear what my readers and fellow Zero to Hero bloggers think about this pull quote idea.  Also if you have any suggestions on how to make short stories more visually appealing I would love to hear them!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



Liebster Award

I got nominated for a Liebster Today!

Apparently it’s award session here in the blogosphere!  After getting all worked up yesterday bout the ABC Award, today it’s the Liebster Award.  I’m feeling dizzy from all this being nominated stuff.  If only there was a ceremony involving fancy evening gowns. . .

All joking aside thank you so very much The Playground for the nomination! I am so grateful to be nominated.

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ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award

ABC Award

I am totally thrilled to be nominated for the ABC Award by Capture You Photography.  I just connected with Sonya recently and love her work.  Ya’ll should check her out!

The rules of being nominated as I understand them are to include the award image in this post (check!), a link to my nominator in this post (check!), make an A to Z list that describes me (hard!), and then nominate 2 to 10 fellow bloggers.

These are my nominees.  (Nominees to accept this nomination you have to write your own ABC Award post following the rules I mentioned.)

My Nominations

1. Almost Exactly.  AlexRaye changed the way I approach skin and haircare for the better!  I now am totally no-poo and super appreciate her well researched advice.

2. Charlotte Hoather.  Charlotte’s blog is fun, inspiring, and she has a superb voice.  I love hearing updates on  her singing career and Charlotte I wish you every dream come true and then some!

3. JannaTWrites.  If you haven’t delved into Darlene’s Story you are missing out.  It is suspenseful, intriguing, and well written.  Not only that Jannat has been nothing but kind and supportive to me on my blog.

4. Shawn Saying Something.  Shawn was the very first follower I ever had and also the first stranger to say something kind about my writing.  And he’s a great flash fiction author to boot!

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Like a Good Neighbor . . . Zero to Hero Day 11

Like a Good Neighbor Other Bloggers are There!

Ok so I am giving in to the fact that Zero to Hero is taking over my blogging life.  This is both good and bad.  Less time to write my short stories, but more time to connect with fellow bloggers and make my blog totally super awesome.  I think that’s a good trade off.

For today’s challenge I took some time out to find three other Zero to Hero bloggers to connect with.  I always learn new things when I get out of my own box.  Today’s lesson was the power of connection and positivity between fellow bloggers.   I learned it from these three:

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Words #1

I keep a small notebook with me at all times so that when I hit inspiration I can remember it.  This page contains words I find intriguing   Have to admit I’m a word nerd to the point that I use words to create stories.  You can check some out on my Alphabet Soup page.  All definitions are from Merriam Webster.   Feel free to use anything from this list as inspiration for your own work!  If you do please include a link back to this post and share here what you created.  I would love to see what great stuff comes from sharing my word obsession!

Words #1

– Ululation: form of ululate; to howl or wail
– Antediluvian: very old or old-fashioned
– Apostasy: reunification of a religious faith; abandonment of a previous loyalty

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Lines #1

I keep a small notebook with me at all times so that when I hit inspiration I can remember it.  This page contains snippets of conversations and ideas.  Feel free to use anything from this list as inspiration for your own work!  If you do please include a link back to this post and share here what you created.  I would love to see what great stuff comes from sharing ideas.

Lines #1

– I got a text from a number I don’t know and I asked who it was and they said “catwoman” and I thought it was you.
– Cupcake Mafia
– Good morning song

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