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ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award

ABC Award

I am totally thrilled to be nominated for the ABC Award by Capture You Photography.  I just connected with Sonya recently and love her work.  Ya’ll should check her out!

The rules of being nominated as I understand them are to include the award image in this post (check!), a link to my nominator in this post (check!), make an A to Z list that describes me (hard!), and then nominate 2 to 10 fellow bloggers.

These are my nominees.  (Nominees to accept this nomination you have to write your own ABC Award post following the rules I mentioned.)

My Nominations

1. Almost Exactly.  AlexRaye changed the way I approach skin and haircare for the better!  I now am totally no-poo and super appreciate her well researched advice.

2. Charlotte Hoather.  Charlotte’s blog is fun, inspiring, and she has a superb voice.  I love hearing updates on  her singing career and Charlotte I wish you every dream come true and then some!

3. JannaTWrites.  If you haven’t delved into Darlene’s Story you are missing out.  It is suspenseful, intriguing, and well written.  Not only that Jannat has been nothing but kind and supportive to me on my blog.

4. Shawn Saying Something.  Shawn was the very first follower I ever had and also the first stranger to say something kind about my writing.  And he’s a great flash fiction author to boot!

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