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Guanella Pass

After a long hiatus from blogging (for which I have a laundry list of excuses none of them valid) I am finally at a point where I have time to write/blog again.  I feel rather out of practice so I am easing back into this blogging thing by trying my hand at some writing challenges.  This piece is written for the DP Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshot and is a snapshot of part of my recent mountain vacation.

Guanella Pass

“Do you need to pee?”  my husband asked.  We were returning from unsuccessful big horn sheep viewing.

“No I’m ok”

“All right then”

We drove passed our small hotel tucked in the valley and into Georgetown passing Victorians.  Some had new paint on their gingerbread that gleamed in the sun; pink, purples, and greens.  Next door peeling grays and boarded up windows.

Brandon headed for the road we didn’t choose the day before, but going the wrong way.  I said nothing.

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