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N is for Nebulous


N is for Nebulous

Nebulous as defined by Merriam Webster: not clear, difficult to see, understand, describe, etc. . .

“Nebulous nebulous nebulously fabulous nebulous!” Joel proclaimed waving an empty whiskey glass at the TV. They were watching something about quantum somethings.  It was the only thing on that wasn’t reality TV or in French.  Normally he could sit and read or watch things about quantum things for hours, he had a feeling he might know quite a lot about it actually, , but right now he couldn’t figure out what the word after quantum was supposed to be or what it might actually mean.

“There isn’t a nebulous” Sara turned her petite oval head towards him, tucking her feet under her bum as she did so. “I think you’ve had enough don’t you?” Joel was pouring more Jack’s into his glass and managing to splash a good deal on the white duvet.

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She leaned back and peered over her book at Timothy.  He wore a red sweater with yellow chevrons under his tweed jacket.  He didn’t match.  In fact Timothy never matched.

He was the sort of person who always wore two different colored socks.  As if it was beyond his comprehension to put on two black socks with matching shoes.  Thistle softly smiled at his peculiar shoelaces.  He was wearing blue shoelaces with maroon aglets. His shoelaces had been the first thing she noticed that day he came into the agency.  The day her chest tightened and her breath stilled.

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Drawing of Feather


Adeen and the Lion


Definition of prurient:marked by or arousing an immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire; especially : marked by, arousing, or appealing to sexual desire” – Merriam Webster

Adeen and the Lion

The feather was white with some dark markings near the tip.  It was about a foot long. Adeen had almost stepped on it.  A glint of sun from the skylights 20 or so feet above brought it to her attention.

It blazed white against the dull sandy tones of too crushed gravel.  The gravel was supposed to mimic the savannah, to immerse you in the world of the lions, hyenas, and giraffes of the African enclosure.  Instead it marked their plight more poignantly then the signs with scarcity warnings and the long winded history of the hunting of elephants by the wizened guide.

The feather was white and the ground was sand.  There were no birds here.

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