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A Green Dress


Another little confusing bit of the Leslie puzzle written for Friday Fictioneers I haven’t quite decided where to take this storyline I’m slowly building yet. So interpretations and ideas would be most appreciated!

The dress in the window seemed familiar to Leslie.  Dark green in silk.  Typical 50’s with a petticoat. V-neck and elbow length sleeves trimmed in boisterous ruffles.   She had to have it, despite the $450 price tag.

At home Leslie swayed in the mirror.  The dress fit perfectly, it brought out the amber in her eyes and hair.  It was labeled “G.G. designs”.

The room shifted and a woman in 50s attire handed Leslie a drink.  A crowded room with cigarette smoke clinging to surfaces.  As if she had stepped into a living vintage photograph.  A party?

5 thoughts on “A Green Dress

  1. Love the imagery. I can just see the party scene. What is it that Leslie longs for? What is it she is looking for? Seems to me you have to buy a dress like that for a reason.

  2. I can picture this dress – I love the old-fashioned style.

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