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The Garage – A Mystery Part 3

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In Part 1 we learned that the Blake’s don’t park in their garage and we heard Peter’s bear theory.  Yesterday in Part 2 Tom expounded his ghost theory which was quickly rebutted by Sara.  And now the conclusion.

The Garage – A Mystery Part 3

“I think they keep a stuffed shark in a tank of formaldehyde in there a la Damien Hirst.” Sara said.

“A what, a la whom?” Joel stared at Sara blankly.

“You know the British artist that stuffed a shark and put it in a tank of formaldehyde and displayed it.” Sara said.

“No I don’t.” Joel replied.

“Well I think that the Blake’s are secretly rich and that they buy weird art and they keep their weird art in the garage.” Sara finished.

“But why would they tell me that they don’t store anything in the garage?” Joel queried.

“No one’s going to admit to millions of dollars of art sitting around in their garage now are they?” Sara said sinking into a paisley armchair.

“No you’re right.  I sure wouldn’t” Tom replied.

“So does everyone have a theory then?” asked Robert.  “I mean it seems you’ll have put some thought into this, about why the Blake’s don’t park in their garage.?”

“Well yes.  Don’t you think it’s odd?” Peter asked.

“Yeah.  I mean Rachael didn’t park in the garage for a bit, but then she’d broken off a mirror one day parking.  So that was understandable and she got over it.  But if they aren’t afraid of parking, and they don’t store stuff in it, and they aren’t using it for a different purpose, then no it makes no sense.” Robert shook his head.

“Do you suppose maybe it’s a playroom?” Rachael asked. “They have kids don’t they?”

“Well no, not that anyone knows of.  I know that Edgar was into model trains awhile back.” Peter said.

“Well there you go, it would be the model train area.  Maybe he has one of those big tracks all setup with the people and the buildings, all life like.” Rachael bobbed her head and took a celebratory drink from her martini at having solved the mystery.

“But one day this week.” Tom said.  “One day I saw Edgar enter the garage code and the garage opened and it was completely empty.  And then he closed it without going inside.”

“Empty.  Why didn’t you say this before?” Peter said.

“Well I think the empty garage supports my ghost theory, but I wanted to hear what everyone else thought before I brought it up.” Tom said sharply.

The doorbell rang and everyone jumped.  Sara went to answer it and a moment later Meredith and Edgar walked in.

“Sorry were late.  Hope we didn’t miss anything.  I don’t believe we’ve met.”   Edgar extended a hand to Robert and Rachel.

“I’m Robert.  We were all just, well, talking about your garage.”

“Oh, why we don’t park in it?” said Meredith.  “I learned to drive in Europe you know, I’m great at parking in tight spaces”

“Well yes” Tom said sheepishly looking away from her.

“We’ll never tell” Edgar said winking and taking a glass from Sara.  “Did you hear about the Thomas’s new cat?” He added, shifting the conversation.

The next morning all attendees of the party got a shocking surprise. All their cars were parked neatly facing the wrong way in the cul-de-sac,all the items in their garages were packed neatly in a large storage bin on their front lawn, and strangest of all in the middle of each of their garages were two pairs of snakeskin cowboy boots placed exactly centered and staring at the road.

Next to the boots a sign read “Yeehaw, come join us tonight at 7pm in our garage – M&E ”


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